Manuscript Submissions

Erectus was established in December 2021, with the aim of publishing fun, sexy, illuminating m2m fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

(But those behind the press have published in print from 2011, and online from 2010 to 2017, so we have some history behind us.)


So what are we looking for?

… sexy, fun, erotic, humorous writing that offers a window into the lives and experiences of gay / bi / MSM / insert your own label here (as long as you’re a man and have sex and / or intimate relationships with men) men, no matter your ethnicity, community or lifestyle.

Gritty is fine too …


PLEASE NOTE: we are NOT interested in simultaneous submissions. If your manuscript is being considered by other publishers, we will not read it.


How long should your manuscript submission be?

We prefer publishing books that are a minimum 130 pages long.

So … how does that equate to word number? We don’t know … it depends.

But novels will be fine, and novellas should be fine, too.

As for poetry collections and non-fiction, as long as the overall book meets the 130-page minimum, again you should be fine.

However … we do consider shorter manuscripts, but authors must note that shorter manuscripts come with distribution limitations. For a lengthier description as to why this is the case, click here.


What should I consider for the 130 pages?

Now, your manuscript might not include 130 pages, so please note 130 pages of a book also includes, beyond the manuscript (or body of your work), 6 to 12 pages of other text, including:

front matter: title page; copyright info; dedication; table of contents; and any extra page you plan at the beginning of the book (author bio, list of books you have had previously published);

back matter: author bio (sometimes at the front, sometimes at the back); acknowledgements and thanks (which can be the same, but can also be different); and an index if your work is non-fiction and warrants one.

If you have any queries about what these all mean, we suggest you visit this website –


How to submit

Email your proposal to us.

Send a one-page synopsis and a two or three-page sample of your manuscript. A bio should be included, as well as your publishing history.

We prefer simple fonts, and one-and-a-half or more spacing between lines.

If you do not have a publishing history, that is fine, and don’t be put off submitting … all writers have to start somewhere.

If we like your synopsis and / or your writing, we will email you for more.

If you have any queries about us or this process, email us.


Contract information

For information about writer contracts with Erectus, click here.