Formats we publish

We publish books in paperback and plan to venture into hardcover too, should a project warrant it (i.e if it’s big and we think it demands to be that size and format).

Our print books come in two basic lengths: 130 pages and above, and 90 to 128 pages.

We will consider shorter lengths (88 pages and less) on a strictly experimental basis i.e. we’ll try it, but it might not work for us …

We also publish eBooks.


print books – 130 pages and above

These books are made available for sale direct to the public through our POD (print on demand) service, as well as through other book retailing platforms.


print books –  90 to 128 pages

These books are made available for sale direct to the public through our POD (print on demand) service only. Why? Because books this size are large enough to earn text on the spine when printed by our POD service, but NOT large (or thick) enough to earn print on the spine when printed through other retail platforms (i.e. Amazon … but there are others). So consider the size of your potential book, and also consider where you want it to be sold.

(Please note: writers earn far less per copy when sold through Amazon and other online book retailers than when sold direct through our POD service anyway.)


print books – 88 pages and less

As per print books – 90 to 128 pages (above), EXCEPT these books won’t have text on their spine, no matter where they are sold. There needs to be enough space on the spine of a book, for text to fit … and books without text on their spine look a little like a school prospectus or an overgrown church newsletter. These books are also often stapled rather than bound.

Hence our reluctance to publish them. But it is possible …


eBooks – 2 formats

We also publish books as Kindle eBooks and ePub eBooks.

Kindle eBooks are sold through Amazon and can only be read on Kindle eReaders.

ePub eBooks can be read on all eReaders (except Kindle eReaders) and on all Apple devices.

Unless there is a reason to i.e. the book is a picture book, all books we publish that are largely or wholly text-based will also be published as eBooks.

But please note: at this boutique end of indie publishing, eBooks account for very very few sales. So let’s be practical: we would not consider an eBook-only project, as we would expect few to no sales. And we are, after all, a publisher, and not a library.


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